Stem Cell

Stem-cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition.


What Exactly Are Stem Cells?

The incredible thing about stem cells is that they are live un-blueprinted cells, so they respond to wherever you apply them. If you drop them in your eyes or on your liver for instance, they’ll help regenerate healthy eye cells and healthy liver cells.

The stem cells stay alive and active within the skin for 30 days—so your body starts to regenerate healthy cells as opposed to mimicking dead/damaged cells.

These are some of the reasons why many scientists and health care professionals are obsessed with them. When used to fight illness or disease, stem cells can actually help the body regrow damaged tissue and heal itself from the inside out.


Benefits of a Stem Cell Facial:

As we age our skin becomes wrinkled and loses it’s radiance, elasticity and plump factor which is due to our aging cell walls.

A stem cell treatment is a restorative process that helps your body replace damaged cells with new, in order to rejuvenate tissue, restore skin tightness and the natural contour/shape of the face.

  • Provides intense hydration of the skin
  • Plumps fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Revitalizes dry and  dehydrated skin
  • Helps reverse sun damaged skin
  • Can reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, burns and scars

Stem Cell ” the group of highly specialized stem cell therapy researchers, doctors and consultants who always provides proper counseling of patients first and then only confirm about the possibilities of stem cell therapy. As we know stem cell therapy is getting successive to treat many degenerative diseases and many clinical trial and case study proved that stem cell therapy is safest treatment and providing opportunity for hopeless patients such as “Blood Cancer, Brain stroke/coma, Spinal cord injury, Retinitis pigmentosa, COPD, Autism, Cerebral palsy, Muscular dystrophy and so more degenerative diseases”.

We are dedicatedly working in this field last 4-5 years and treated so many domestic and international patients through stem cell therapy. We have every specialized doctors means cardiac surgeon, internal medicine, neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist, orthopedic, Haemato – Oncologist in our team.

We are the first one in India who is leading in stem cell services and providing stem cell treatment at very lowest cost than all other stem cell therapy centre and companies in world. Because our priority is to avail stem cell treatment for all needed patients in world at lowest cost.

PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma is a therapy that has been practiced by doctors throughout medical world, especially in sport fields. The process utilizes a patient’s own blood to stimulate a quicker healing response, hence result in faster recovery with none side effect as the process were initially created from the platform of your very own blood.

PRP advantages

PRP Promotes local tissue growth and repair.

Patient’s safety – patient’s own blood: No disease transmission.

Non toxic No rejection.

Convenience – PRP prepared at doctor’s office. Faster healing – PLT accelerate tissue synthesis. Cost effectiveness – No need for external substances. Simple and easy to use.

*Recovery times / Results can vary depending on individual