Face Lifting

A full facelift with a neck lift is the gold standard for rejuvenation of the aging face. The primary objectives are to enhance and accentuate the youthful contours of the cheek, jawline and neck. This procedure is done carefully, with meticulous attention to every detail, with an aim to deliver natural appearing, youthful results, and restore harmony to the aging face. A full facelift may also be combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), fat grafting and/or a brow lift.




Full Face lift use the same procedure is lift upper face skin and lift in the deep skin like SMAS. After that surgeon will open the wound in flabby skin, lift fascia and muscle up. Then fix muscle in any level which make flabby skin and cut off the skin and muscle which inessential after that suture skin in SMAS level. It will get rid of all fine and deep wrinkle, face skin will be firm.