Double Eyelid Surgery

What double eyelid surgery actually is?

This surgical procedure is done to correct deformities, defects and disfiguration of eyelids in an aesthetic manner for making the eyes look prominent. This is also known as blepharoplasty. It is more common among women as they want to settle for nothing less than ‘perfect.’ Blepharoplasty will help you to achieve the look that you desire.

Procedure of the surgery and aftercare

1. How to prepare for the surgery?

Things you need to keep in mind and do prior to the surgery:

  • Get a thorough checkup done and take proper consultation.
  • Do inform the doctor about your medical past.
  • Do not take drugs, alcohol or smoke before surgery.
  • There are certain medicines that are best to be avoided at least for two weeks before the procedure like:
    a. Aspirin
    b. Omega 3
    c. Fish oil
    d. Plavix
    e. Coumadin

They can cause some unwanted reaction in your body, which would further hamper the surgical procedure.

2. Steps and procedure of the surgery

On the day of your surgery, be calm as this is a minor operation, which will not cause any harm if done from a reputed place, by professional doctors.

  • The skin on the lower half or the upper eyelid is removed
  • After the skin is removed, an incision through the muscle is made
  • Then they make an orbital fat pocket
  • The next step is to remove the fat
  • The excess muscle or the  fat tissue is them trimmed
  • After that, a suture is connected to levator and skin
  • Additional deep tissue fixation is made
  • Finally, surgeons close the skin incision with fine stitch

And there you go; this is how they add the beautiful line to eyes.

3. Recovery time

As the stitches are done so finely, double eyelid surgery recovery time is pretty less. It takes from minimum 3 days to a week for you to be back to a normal lifestyle. The discharge procedure takes place maximum within 2 days, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time at the hospital. Things that you need to follow are:

  • Do not use makeup
  • Try not to rub your eyes harshly
  • Make sure not to use too much of face wash, toner or any chemical which is not recommended by doctor
  • Get ample amount of sleep

All these points should be good enough to suffice you with a proper double eyelid surgery recovery time.

If you follow these properly, there is nothing more you need to do to get the appropriate eyelid you have always wished to have. But there is one imperative thing that you need to keep in mind, double eyelid surgery before and after requires proper doctor’s advice and supervision so that the process is full proof.