Double Suture and Twist (DST)

This is a technique that was first invented in Japan in 2001, which was designed to be a procedure that is minimally invasive, making it suitable for individuals afraid of going under the knife. No deep incisions are required which also means that there will not be significant scars left behind. It is a fairly simple and swift treatment, which takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes for each eye.

How does it work?

Three tiny punctures will be made in the upper eyelids of both eyes, before two sutures will be threaded through these channels. It will then be twisted using a special technique about four to five times, after which it will then be tied together to form a makeshift fold on the upper eyelid.

As a result of this treatment, when the eyes are opened, the lower part of the skin is pulled back which resembles a natural-looking crease that mimics double eyelids. Your eyes will be brighter and bigger, and can also make you appear younger as well. In addition, there will also be no permanent scarring.

However, do note that although it can be faster and less painful to opt for this treatment, its nature as a non-incisional treatment means it can be less effective than typical incisional double eyelid treatments. In addition, sutures can break meaning that the results can become less visible over time, but it usually lasts for about five years on average. One benefit is that the process is reversible, if it does not suit the patient’s taste.

For individuals with sagging eyelids or with a lot of surrounding fatty tissue, this treatment may not be suitable either and your doctor will recommend another procedure that is more suitable.