Anti Aging / Sagging Skin

Why cause early aged skin:

  • Sunlight(Photo-aging)
  • Poor nutrition
  • Water loss
  • Free radicals
  • Toxin accumulation
  • Reduction of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Wrong skin care
  • Late night sleep
  • Ignoring warning signs

Skin Changes That Come With Age

As we grow older, changes like these naturally occur:

  • Skin becomes rougher.
  • Skin develops lesions such as benign tumours.
  • Skin becomes slack due to loss of the elastic tissue
  • Skin becomes more fragile due to flattening of the area where the epidermis and dermis come together.
  • Skin becomes more easily bruised which because of thinner blood vessel walls.


PRP Therapy

Placenta Injection

As we grow older, our stem cell begins to die and drop to 20 percent only. The recent technology is by using placenta to assist in cell recovery and growth. Many has claimed that placenta treatment can restore and maintain youth, beauty and overall wellness. Placenta compositum from Heel Germany contains diluted placenta plus embryo, artery, vein, umbilical cord and hypophysis that already purified and undergoes sterilization process. Once the material for the injections is sterilized and ready for use in humans, it still contains a number of enzymes that can be beneficial. Though it is not yet known how or to what extent these enzymes may be beneficial, anecdotal evidence suggests a variety of benefits from the use of placenta injections.

Some of the endless benefits include :

  • Eliminates wrinkles, acnes, eye-bags and dull skin.
  • Stimulate the renewal of epidermis for delicate, soft and more radiant skin.
  • Improves skin elasticity, thickness, skin texture with evenly tone color
  • Whitens skin, lightens facial pigmentation, refines facial pores and adds glow to skin.
  • Relieves the discomfort due to menopause
  • Treats infertility and sterility. Boosts up sex drive and potency with endurance and vitality.
  • Increase milk production – this has been proven in a study
  • Regulates diabetes and treats hypertension.
  • Decrease serum concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Reduces gastric ulcers, arthritis pain
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Speeds up the healing of wound and recovery after surgery.

BioCell Ultravital Treatment

Biocell Ultravital is the world’s most exclusive and advanced line of cellular renovation therapies in the world. They are of Swiss origin and are divided in 7: Cellular Regeneration, Revitalizing Therapy, Anti-Inflammatory Therapy, Pro-hormonal Therapy Antioxidant Therapy, and Metabolic Therapy, and Detoxifying Therapy all categories crucial for an extended youthful and quality assured life. These therapies are biological and all natural and are comprised of only the best active ingredients available in the world today.

All formulas are completely natural and biological. They are contain no drugs, steroids, chemicals or prohibited substances. More Info ;

Magnectic Pulse Treatment

We advancing in Venus Concept’s wrinkle reduction treatments. It work by enhancing your body’s natural production of collagen and elastic fibers, the two main building blocks of healthy, youthful skin.

  • Advanced radio frequency technology that safely delivers tighter, smoother skin
  • Safe for all skin tones
  • Extremely comfortable treatments with no downtime
  • Quick treatment sessions last no more than 30 minutes

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